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Meet our Prides and Joys


He's a Thoroughbred and he smiles. Unfortunately, he wouldn't smile for the camera so you just have to come see him do it in person.
He's a really BIG horse because he's part Belgian. That's the kind of breed that they use to pull heavy things with. He's great fun and really comfortable to ride.



He's an Appaloosa who's been at Great Strides since we started. We love our old reliable guy and we know you will too.
This is Ziggy. He's a quarter horse. He's got a great personality and loves his job.



Our resident Morgan. Just as sweet as can be and our little gem.
What a beautiful boy. He looks like royalty, doesn't he? That's because he's half Lippizaner and Arabian.



Our resident clown! He's a Halflinger and he's only four years old. He thinks he's a puppy!
Yee hah! Cowboy is always willing to go for a ride. This Appaloosa knows how to get things done.



Tootsie's a retired police horse. Nothing phases this great Quarter Horse.
Okay, so Beau is only three feet tall! He still has a heart as big as can be.


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